Hinode Natsuhi
Natsuhi Hinode is featured on the cover of Volume 2









Family Members

(Unknown Uncle)
Tachibana Haruka (Aunt)
Tachibana Reiji (Cousin)
Tachibana Ayaka (Cousin)

Hinode Natsuhi (日之出夏日 (ひので なつひ), Korean: Na Yeo Reuon (나여름) ) is the cousin of the Tachibana Siblings and is one of the major characters in the manhwa.


Hinode Natsuhi is a childhood friend and cousin of Reiji and Ayaka. She returns to Japan after an extended stay overseas with her parents, alone, and moves in with Reiji and Ayaka. Shortly after, she is eaten by an angel, takes up a contract and becomes a taker. She is infatuated with Reiji. Her sorcery device is in the shape of a pair of earrings, which turn into spiked fighting gauntlets. Its name is Orpheus. At first, she liked to go out and pretend to be a superhero.


Some of her most notable features are her long pink hair that extends all the way to her waist, and her pink eyes. She possesses a very voluptuous figure, with large breasts and curvy hips, endowing her with a perfect hourglass figure which she is not shy to boast.

She is commonly seen wearing a blank top which she has under a wool sweater, and a short pink shirt. When she is at home, she often dresses very lightly, mostly of a long shirt tends extends to her hips (much to Ayaka's chagrin).


Shes quite out going competive, and has a huge crush on Reiji, she seems to have respect and grudge against Ayaka since the latter try to kill her but also since they we're once close childhood friends she likes to pretend to be super hero.She not very modest as she usually dress inoappriote in front of people close to her 

much to ayaka Ayaka she's very protective of reiji as she quickly attack Ran in fury when she destroyed his eye and to ayaka a bit even though she try to kill her which shows she's forgiving.


Her sorcery device is in the shape of a pair of earrings, which turn into spiked fighting gauntlets. Its name is Orpheus.

Boxing= a sport she picked up in america which she's good at combined with her sorcery device it it helps boost her deadly technique to inhuman levels to fight and over whelm opponets such as Ayaka and to a little degree RAN.

SUNRISE= is the ability that sorcery device Orpheus grants the wearer to generate electricity.


Reiji Tachibana
She is infatuated with Reiji, and his childhood friend
Ayaka Tachibana
She is Ayaka's rival for Reiji's affections and childhood friend.
is the group she is a part of lead by her lover Reiji
Ryuusuke Ishigami
Life Inc.






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