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Re:Birth - The Lunatic Taker list of volumes

リバース -The Lunatic Taker- tankoban are published by Media Factory.


Volume Title Chapters Publication date ISBN
Rebirth-the-lunatic-taker-1-j-fcover Volume 001 Chapters 1–4 2009-11-21 ISBN 978-4-8401-2944-2
Title notes: The cover features Tachibana Ayaka.
ReBIRTH-2-j-fcover Volume 002 Chapters 5–9 2010-02-23 ISBN 978-4-8401-2986-2
Title notes: The cover features Hinode Natsuhi.
ReBIRTH-3-j-fcover Volume 003 Chapters 10–13 2010-08-23 ISBN 978-4-8401-3361-6
Title notes: The cover features Haruna.
ReBIRTH-4-j-fcover Volume 004 Chapters 14–17 2010-10-23 ISBN 978-4-8401-3389-0
Title notes: The cover features Princess.
ReBIRTH-5-j-fcover Volume 005 Chapters 18–21 2011-02-23 ISBN 978-4-8401-3756-0
Title notes: The cover features Nikaidou Ran.
ReBIRTH-6-j-fcover Volume 006 Chapters 22–25 2011-06-23 ISBN 978-4-8401-4004-1
Title notes: The cover features Kyouka Igarashi.
ReBIRTH-7-j-fcover Volume 007 Chapters 26–29 2011-12-22 ISBN 978-4-8401-4077-5

This is the last volume in the Takers first season, and ends the Re:BIRTH -The Lunatic Taker- storyline. The end proceeds directly into the second season/sequel series, SAI:Taker -The Two Sides of Artemis.

Title notes: The cover features Ayaka.

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