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SAI:Taker (Japanese title: サイ:テイカー ―二人のアルテミス― ; Original English title: Summon Assist Interface ; English translation title: Sai:Taker - The Two Sides of Artemis ; Original title: Summon Assist Interface サイ:テイカー ―二人のアルテミス― ; Romaji: Sai:Teikah ― Futari no Arutemisu ― ; Korean title: 사이테이커 - 두 사람의 아르테미스 - ; Romanized: Saiteikeo - Du Salam-Ui Aleutemiseu ) is a manga written by Lim Dall Young and drawn by Lee Soo Hyon. It is the sequel to Re:BIRTH -The Lunatic Taker-.


The manga centers around Nanase Kyou, a new girl student at Life School Tokyo (Life School Seoul), who is really a boy, but is anatomically a girl in order to live, and his/her highschool hijinks in order to get the lifepoints he needs to live, and keep his messed up life in order.

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