Tachibana Ayaka









Family Members

(Unknown Father)
Tachibana Haruka (Mother)
Tachibana Reiji (Little Brother)
Hinode Natsuhi (Cousin)

Tachibana Ayaka (Japanese: 橘綾香 (たちばな あやか) ; Korean: Woo Che Young (우채영); English name order: Ayaka Tachibana / Che-young Woo ) is the sister of Tachibana Reiji and is one of the main characters in the manga.


Ayaka is the older sister of Reiji and daughter of Haruka. She kills herself to protect Reiji. In doing so, she was able to make a contract with the same device as Reiji. She consequently shares her Life Points with Reiji. She was born psychopathic and has a brother complex, leading to situations that indicate a desire for an incestuous relationship with him. She is a top student at high school, but sleeps in the breaks between classes. Because of the sorcery device, she cannot die by normal means, only when her life points run out (expiring one each day). After Ayaka melds with Reiji, she has 5 life points and is a Psychopath class taker.


Ayaka has a very developed figure for a girl of her age, and is often seen with her black hair tied into a ponytail with a long ribbon and 2 bangs at the sides of her face, and her spectacles. Her outfit is often the school uniform or her home clothes, which consists of a simple blouse and a long-sleeved shirt.

During her normal lifestyle, her eyes are very peaceful-looking, but will change to "killer" eyes when it comes to more serious matters, especially if it involves her brother's safety.


To most people, Ayaka is a very sweet individual who enjoys doting on her little brother. She is also known to sleep anywhere and anytime, most notably during lessons all the way to break, which some remarked is surprising considering her results are top-notch.

But when it comes to her brother, in either his protection or any girls that are around him, she displays a borderline yandere personality which is extremely unnerving for those who have known her or just met her for the first time.


  • Phantom — to equip more than one skill and use it



Ayaka's mother abused for a long time, making her believe she was a wicked child and all she need to do is love Reiji more and protect him even if she suffers, resulting in her developing psychopathy. Ayaka began to raise Reiji when there mother became more and more absent.






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