• ForestMonthZero

    merging the wikis

    November 17, 2011 by ForestMonthZero

    So I am in the process of copying over content from the other ReBIRTH wikia site to this one. Attributions are on the talk pages.

    ForestMonthZero 08:29, November 17, 2011 (UTC)

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  • ForestMonthZero

    I've noticed that there are two ReBIRTH Wikia wikis around, w:c:rebirth-tlt and w:c:rebirth-the-lunatic-taker. The former has the more cryptic but easier to type name. The latter has the more sensible name.

    I came to Wikia from Google, and found the former first, and started adding there. When I started, there was no content (0 pages, founder had 0 edits), and had been that way for year. If I had known about the latter, I wouldn't have started there, but just started here instead.

    So... I have come to see two wikis, on the same topic. It takes too much time to contribute the same thing to both... I think they should be merged into one Wikia wiki. Most of my contributions have been on the former wiki, some of it has been on the latter one.


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